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Manufacturing Facilities


Koratty - Kerala:

Located in Kerala just 40 kms from Kochi port and 15 kms from international airport, this production facility has the following state-of-the- art machines:

  • Raulimex make 8 colour rotogravure printer fitted with auto registration system and web video to achieve accurate printing. The machine is capable of producing continously with rewind and unwind turret with auto splicing.
  • Raulimex make high speed slitter, capable of running at a speed of around 500m/min fitted with differential winding for perfect slit and wound rolls
  • Raulimex make solvent-less laminator, capable of achieving a production speed of 400m/min fitted with shaftless rewinding and unwind for easy change over.
  • All facilities are provided with a standby Diesel Generator and UPS system to ensure joint free rolls, a premium quality standard desired by customers.


Located 250 kms from Mumbai city, this facility accommodates:

  • Kabra make 3 layer co-extrusion line capable of processing polymers like LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE, HDPE etc. The plant width is 1700mm and is a dedicated plant to produce lamination film for a wide variety of applications
  • Alpha Roto make 4 colour rotogravure printer fitted with 5 drive auto tension system.
  • Alpha Roto make high speed slitter rewinder with auto tension and web guiding system


Kovai-Tamil Nadu:

Located 25 kms from the second largest city in Tamil Nadu, this factory houses the following machines:

  • 8 colour rotogravure printer specifically used for printing polyester
  • Dry lamination machine with 5 drive system
  • Slitter rewinder with auto tension and line guiding system
  • Pouching machines


Testing Facilities

Our QA/QC departments is equipped with state of the art testing reclines to test the product for the following vital parameters.-

  • Dart Impact Strength
  • Co-efficient of Friction
  • Opacity
  • Average GSM
  • Tensile Strength
  • Elongation